How To Buy A Great Used Car

By on December 1, 2016


You say you would never be a sucker for those used cars that truly suck. But most used cars that have chronic problems aren’t easy to spot. They’re dressed up, advertised well, and sold by those who know the truth when it comes to the American consumer.


Most folks out there will fall in love first, and then “Buy with their eyes.”

I have bought thousands of used cars for sale as a car dealer, and sold tens of thousands more as an auto auctioneer, and you know what? I get to see thousands of nice looking cars that are rolling money pits. This is why, no matter what type of car you want to purchase, you should always do your research first. Start off by Googling something as simple as “New and Used Cars Near Me” and then see what your options are. You can look at reviews and decide which dealers you’re going to avoid and which look hopeful. This way you’ll be able to stay away from the used car trap lots of consumers fall into.

Every… single… week…


Used cars are a brutal vicious market for those that choose to simply believe in their fellow man. Too many sellers are unwilling to be truthful, and too few buyers take that deeper dive to find out that hidden truth.


I could tell you about used cars that would make public transportation seem like the only sensible option. Tales of stitched together death traps that looked as new as the day both cars were born. Cars with supposedly clean registration papers that turned out to be hotter than my home state of Georgia in mid-August.

Instead, I’m going to tell you how to buy a used car, for example something like this first gen cummins for sale , without getting taken to the cleaners.


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