Quality Index

If Your Car Was The President, Would You Vote For It?

It always amuses me whenever I hear someone espouse an economic theory as a means for humanity to be saved. Libertarianism, socialism, capitalism… all ISMs MISS the details. Capitalism without checks and balances often leads to corruption and price gouging by the limited few who hold the pricing power in the marketplace. Socialism leads to… Read This Article

How We Figure Out The Score

Back in 2012 when we first launched the Long-term Quality Index site, Steve and I worked on putting together the Quality Index Rating (QIR). We made it simple. 50 was the average score which was then a Chevy Impala. 100 represented the best model which turned out to be the Toyota Land Cruiser,  and those that hovered… Read This Article

The Test Drive

Some guides offer 72 things you absolutely should do to a car before buying it. The problem is many folks can’t even remember three. Lists are complicated. Human beings are slightly harder to grasp, and figuring out the condition of a used car is a lot like trying to cup a drink of water with… Read This Article

How Long Do Electric Batteries Really Last?

  It took about 10 months and countless hours of PR babble-speak to finally find out the answer. Hope you enjoy it. http://www.thedrive.com/opinion/4802/h…

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