Dealer Auctions

How To Buy Cars From Strangers

Sounds crazy. But that’s what it boils down to when you’re searching for a used car. You don’t know them and you don’t know ‘it’. The car could be a rolling masterpiece with a maintenance history a mile long and an owner who worshiped that hunk of metal. Or, it could be a rolling deathtrap… Read This Article

Better Than New – 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid

“Dear God. Please Don’t let anyone else buy this thing.” I had been at an auto auction way out in Georgia’s Deliverance country. The accents were thick, the bidding action was surprisingly thin, and a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid stood in all of its squarish two-ton glory on the auction block. Nobody was biting. $6,000… Read This Article

A Day At The Auto Auction : Thousand Of Used Cars… And Three Good Ones

If it has four wheels and an engine chances are it will wind up here. A wholesale auto auction. Millions of vehicles that are traded-in, leased, rented and repossessed will find their way to a free market that’s usually the size of about thirty football fields. It’s capitalism incarnate. The highest bidder becomes the next… Read This Article

Why The Poor Pay More For Used Cars – And You Do Too

Car dealers are often called to the whipping post of public outcry because a not so small army of them will charge you a bogus finance or documentation fee. It’s a stupid and pointless exercise of greed – but it’s done for one simple reason.

Car Buying Tips: Feeling Used

Every year over ten million vehicles pass through U.S. auto dealer auctions and kelly blue books documents it all. This decades old free market has always been dependent on you, the consumer. Dealers will bid up those models that are popular with buyers, while those with a limited audience are stuck in what’s commonly called… Read This Article

The Test Drive

Some guides offer 72 things you absolutely should do to a car before buying it. The problem is many folks can’t even remember three. Lists are complicated. Human beings are slightly harder to grasp, and figuring out the condition of a used car is a lot like trying to cup a drink of water with… Read This Article

Hammer Time: Two Steps To The Left

When you have over 120 pairs of eyeballs looking at the same exact vehicle at an auto auction, you know the price of whatever sells is going to be high. So what do you think this 2014 Toyota Prius with only 344 miles went for back in late 2014 when gas prices started to crash?… Read This Article

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