Better Than New

Are Old Trucks Better Than New Trucks?

One Toyota truck. 22 years old. 325,000 miles. Is anyone surprised by those numbers? This 1996 Toyota Tacoma has been my neighbor’s daily driver since our home city of Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics. Bob bought it for $13,500, roughly $20,400 in today’s money, and not much has really changed in all that time. The… Read This Article

Better Than New – 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid

“Dear God. Please Don’t let anyone else buy this thing.” I had been at an auto auction way out in Georgia’s Deliverance country. The accents were thick, the bidding action was surprisingly thin, and a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid stood in all of its squarish two-ton glory on the auction block. Nobody was biting. $6,000… Read This Article

Car Buying Tips: Feeling Used

Every year over ten million vehicles pass through U.S. auto dealer auctions and kelly blue books documents it all. This decades old free market has always been dependent on you, the consumer. Dealers will bid up those models that are popular with buyers, while those with a limited audience are stuck in what’s commonly called… Read This Article

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