2018 Toyota Tacoma Limited vs. 1996 Toyota Tacoma: A Tale Of Two Tacomas Duking It Out In The Deep South

My neighbors are attacking me! “How much is it?” “Wow, this is quite nice color. What do they call it?” “Can I open the door and look at it a bit?” The verbal barrage was all my fault. Like an oblivious Yuppified fool, I decided to park my brand new Toyota Tacoma within 50 feet… Read This Article

Industry Expert Proclaims: “Every Day Is A Great Day To Buy A New Car!”

In a move that shocked nobody in particular, long-time industry expert and Edward Lowenbrau has given the green light for car buyers everywhere and admitted that you can truly find a great deal on a new car every single day of the year. Driving is usually quite an expensive mode of transport, but if you… Read This Article

Are Old Trucks Better Than New Trucks?

One Toyota truck. 22 years old. 325,000 miles. Is anyone surprised by those numbers? This 1996 Toyota Tacoma has been my neighbor’s daily driver since our home city of Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics. Bob bought it for $13,500, roughly $20,400 in today’s money, and not much has really changed in all that time. The… Read This Article

How To Buy Cars From Strangers

Sounds crazy. But that’s what it boils down to when you’re searching for a used car. You don’t know them and you don’t know ‘it’. The car could be a rolling masterpiece with a maintenance history a mile long and an owner who worshiped that hunk of metal. Or, it could be a rolling deathtrap… Read This Article