Making Money With Old Iron: The 1996 Buick Roadmaster

It’s one of my favorite cars. Don’t ask me why. Engine straight from a Vette. Rear wheel drive as God rightfully intended. Big trombone case red seats that are as fluffy as a cotton candy machine, and a ride that Norman Rockwell would approve of. This late great Roadmaster has 209,000 miles and nary a… Read This Article

Can You Drive A Brand New Car For Free? It Depends On “You”

$265 a month on a three year lease. No gas. No maintenance. No repair costs. Not even a limit on the amount of miles you can drive. This 2017 Hyundai Ioniq is the rolling version of an accountant’s wet dream. When you drive it, Hyundai will actually cut you a monthly check for the energy… Read This Article

How To Repair A Flooded Car – Right Before You Have It Crushed

The used car business has a lot of dirty secrets. Odometers that can be rolled back with either a computer or basic tools. Replacement body parts that are made out of cheapest metals, plastics, and fiberglass. We even have mechanical components that are designed to fail after a certain point, so that the purchaser gets… Read This Article

How A Car From Yesterday Defines Tesla’s Tomorrow

Tesla is experiencing a pinnacle moment where technologies are defining the brand. But what will happen to the Tesla brand once many of those advanced technologies become universal?  Recent history already offers a chronological blueprint for what will likely become Tesla’s next chapter. Twenty-five years ago a small army of automotive journalists descended onto a… Read This Article

How A Group Of Navy Sailors Created Their Own Illegal Police Force

It took 12 years for the Navy to catch wind of it. The navy’s biggest shipyard in the United States had a team of directors and officers who illegally procured over $21 million in public funds along with a level of weaponry that would rival any mid-sized metropolitan city. Their goal? To create a police… Read This Article

The Day I Became An Informant For The Police

His cell phone line was dead. As a car dealer, a disconnected phone is always the first sign that one of your automotive “investments” has gone south. By 2:00 PM I was at the house. My truck wasn’t there. A loud noise from inside told me that his associate, DJ Jazzy Boombox, was working on… Read This Article

What Car Awakened You To The World Of Cars?

My friends had their tongues hanging out. The year: 1984. The car: A brand new Toyota Celica Supra. It had the words ‘SUPRA’ in big bubble letters on the rear: just in case you missed it. Pop-up headlights. Seats that actually had bolsters on them. A sunroof, and the very best AM/FM Cassette money could buy…. Read This Article

Long-Term Quality: Why Is The Ford Ranger Loved While The Chevy S10 Is Merely Liked?

Way back in the Clinton Era, two compact pickups battled each other to an inch of their amortized sheetmetal. The Ford Ranger, which had been the ruler of the small truck roost since 1983, and the Chevy S-10 which fought equally valiantly with rebates, market incentives, two branded clones in the form of the GMC… Read This Article

Saturns Have To Be The Cheapest Cars On God’s Green Earth

Eight years after the last Saturn was built, cheapskate Americans are enjoying a cornucopia of used Saturns, and here’s a surprise. Not all of them are just basic transportation. Let me offer an example for those of you who love sporty hatchbacks. Think about this. What’s the best bang for the buck sporty hatchback you… Read This Article

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